VictoriaLogs changelog

The following tip changes can be tested by building VictoriaLogs from the latest commit of VictoriaMetrics repository according to these docs


  • BUGFIX: fix the free space verification process in VictoriaLogs that was erroneously shifting to read-only mode, despite there being sufficient free space available. See this issue.


Released at 2023-10-03

  • FEATURE: add -elasticsearch.version command-line flag, which can be used for specifying Elasticsearch version returned by VictoriaLogs to Filebeat at elasticsearch bulk API. This helps resolving this issue.
  • FEATURE: expose the following metrics at /metrics page:
    • vl_data_size_bytes{type="storage"} - on-disk size for data excluding log stream indexes.
    • vl_data_size_bytes{type="indexdb"} - on-disk size for log stream indexes.
  • FEATURE: add -insert.maxFieldsPerLine command-line flag, which can be used for limiting the number of fields per line in logs sent to VictoriaLogs via ingestion protocols. This helps to avoid issues like this.
  • FEATURE: expose vl_http_request_duration_seconds histogram at the /metrics page. Thanks to @crossoverJie for this pull request.
  • FEATURE: add support of -storage.minFreeDiskSpaceBytes command-line flag to allow switching to read-only mode when running out of disk space at -storageDataPath. See this issue.

  • BUGFIX: fix possible panic when no data is written to VictoriaLogs for a long time. See this issue. Thanks to @crossoverJie for filing and fixing the issue.
  • BUGFIX: add /insert/loky/ready endpoint, which is used by Promtail for healthchecks. This should remove unsupported path requested: /insert/loki/ready warning logs. See this comment.
  • BUGFIX: prevent from panic during background merge when the number of columns in the resulting block exceeds the maximum allowed number of columns per block. See this issue.


Released at 2023-07-20

  • FEATURE: add support for data ingestion via Promtail (aka default log shipper for Grafana Loki). See these and these docs.


Released at 2023-07-17

  • FEATURE: support short form of _time filters over the last X minutes/hours/days/etc. For example, _time:5m is a short form for _time:(now-5m, now], which matches logs with timestamps for the last 5 minutes. See these docs for details.
  • FEATURE: add ability to specify offset for the selected time range. For example, _time:5m offset 1h is equivalent to _time:(now-5m-1h, now-1h]. See these docs for details.
  • FEATURE: LogsQL: replace exact_prefix("...") with exact("..."*). This makes it consistent with i() filter, which can accept phrases and prefixes, e.g. i("phrase") and i("phrase"*). See these docs.


Released at 2023-06-21

Initial release