There are 2 models to monitor VictoriaMetrics Anomaly Detection behavior - push and pull. Parameters for each of them should be specified in the config file, monitoring section.

Pull Model Config parameters#

addr""Server IP Address

Push Config parameters#

urlLink where to push metrics to. Example: "http://localhost:8480/"
tenant_idTenant ID for cluster version. Example: "0:0"
health_path"health"Deprecated since v1.8.0. Absolute, to override /health path
userBasicAuth username
passwordBasicAuth password
timeout"5s"Stop waiting for a response after a given number of seconds.
extra_labelsSection for custom labels specified by user.

Monitoring section config example#

  pull: # Enable /metrics endpoint.
    addr: ""
    port: 8080
    url: "http://localhost:8480/"
    tenant_id: "0:0" # For cluster version only
    user: "USERNAME"
    password: "PASSWORD"
    timeout: "5s"
      job: "vmanomaly-push"
      test: "test-1"

Metrics generated by vmanomaly#

vmanomaly_start_time_secondsGaugevmanomaly start time in UNIX time

Models Behaviour Metrics#

Label names description

Note: There is a new label key model_alias introduced in multi-model support v1.10.0. This label key adjustment was made to preserve unique label set production during writing produced metrics back to VictoriaMetrics.

vmanomaly_model_runsCounterHow many times models ran (per model)stage, query_key, model_alias, scheduler_alias, preset
vmanomaly_model_run_duration_secondsSummaryHow much time (in seconds) model invocations tookstage, query_key, model_alias, scheduler_alias, preset
vmanomaly_model_datapoints_acceptedCounterHow many datapoints did models acceptstage, query_key, model_alias, scheduler_alias, preset
vmanomaly_model_datapoints_producedCounterHow many datapoints were generated by modelsstage, query_key, model_alias, scheduler_alias, preset
vmanomaly_models_activeGaugeHow many models are currently inferringquery_key, model_alias, scheduler_alias, preset
vmanomaly_model_runs_skippedCounterHow many times a run was skipped (per model)stage, query_key, model_alias, scheduler_alias, preset

Writer Behaviour Metrics#

Label names description

vmanomaly_writer_request_duration_secondsSummaryHow much time (in seconds) did requests to VictoriaMetrics takeurl, query_key
vmanomaly_writer_response_countCounterResponse code counts we got from VictoriaMetricsurl, query_key, code
vmanomaly_writer_sent_bytesCounterHow much bytes were sent to VictoriaMetricsurl, query_key
vmanomaly_writer_request_serialize_secondsSummaryHow much time (in seconds) did serializing takequery_key
vmanomaly_writer_datapoints_sentCounterHow many datapoints were sent to VictoriaMetricsquery_key
vmanomaly_writer_timeseries_sentCounterHow many timeseries were sent to VictoriaMetricsquery_key

Reader Behaviour Metrics#

Label names description

vmanomaly_reader_request_duration_secondsSummaryHow much time (in seconds) did queries to VictoriaMetrics takeurl, query_key
vmanomaly_reader_response_countCounterResponse code counts we got from VictoriaMetricsurl, query_key, code
vmanomaly_reader_received_bytesCounterHow much bytes were received in responsesquery_key
vmanomaly_reader_response_parsing_secondsSummaryHow much time (in seconds) did parsing take for each stepstep
vmanomaly_reader_timeseries_receivedCounterHow many timeseries were received from VictoriaMetricsquery_key
vmanomaly_reader_datapoints_receivedCounterHow many rows were received from VictoriaMetricsquery_key


stage - stage of model - ‘fit’, ‘infer’ or ‘fit_infer’ for models that do it simultaneously, see model types.

query_key - query alias from reader config section.

model_alias - model alias from models config section. Introduced in v1.10.0.

scheduler_alias - scheduler alias from schedulers config section. Introduced in v1.11.0.

preset - preset alias for forthcoming preset section compatibility. Introduced in v1.12.0.

url - writer or reader url endpoint.

code - response status code or connection_error, timeout.

step - json or dataframe reading step.