VictoriaMetrics Enterprise

VictoriaMetrics components are provided in two kinds - community edition and enterprise edition.

VictoriaMetrics community components are open source and are free to use - see the source code and the license.

The use of VictoriaMetrics enterprise components is permitted in the following cases:

  • Evaluation use in non-production setups. Just download and run enterprise binaries or packages of VictoriaMetrics components from usual places - releases page and docker hub. Enterprise binaries and packages have enterprise suffix in their names.

  • Production use if you have a valid enterprise contract or valid permit from VictoriaMetrics company. Contact us if you need such contract.

  • Managed VictoriaMetrics is built on top of enterprise binaries of VictoriaMetrics.

All the enterprise apps require -eula command-line flag to be passed to them. This flag acknowledges that your usage fits one of the cases listed above.

VictoriaMetrics enterprise features

VictoriaMetrics enterprise includes all the features of the community edition, plus the following additional features:

On top of this, enterprise package of VictoriaMetrics includes the following important Enterprise features:

  • First-class consulting and technical support provided by the core dev team.
  • Monitoring of monitoring - this feature allows forecasting and preventing possible issues in VictoriaMetrics setups.
  • Enterprise security compliance.
  • Prioritizing of feature requests from Enterprise customers.

Contact us if you are interested in VictoriaMetrics enterprise.