Overview of Managed VictoriaMetrics

VictoriaMetrics is a fast and easy-to-use monitoring solution and time series database. It integrates well with existing monitoring systems such as Grafana, Prometheus, Graphite, InfluxDB, OpenTSDB and DataDog - see these docs for details.

The most common use cases for VictoriaMetrics are:

  • Long-term remote storage for Prometheus;
  • More efficient drop-in replacement for Prometheus and Graphite
  • Replacement for InfluxDB and OpenTSDB, which uses lower amounts of RAM, CPU and disk;
  • Cost-efficient alternative for DataDog.

Managed VictoriaMetrics allows users to run Enterprise version of VictoriaMetrics, hosted on AWS, without the need to perform typical DevOps tasks such as proper configuration, monitoring, logs collection, access protection, software updates, backups, etc. Try it right now

We run Managed VictoriaMetrics instances in our environment on AWS and provide easy-to-use endpoints for data ingestion and querying. The VictoriaMetrics team takes care of optimal configuration and software maintenance.

Managed VictoriaMetrics comes with the following features:

  • It can be used as a Managed Prometheus - just configure Prometheus or vmagent to write data to Managed VictoriaMetrics and then use the provided endpoint as a Prometheus datasource in Grafana;
  • Every Managed VictoriaMetrics instance runs in an isolated environment, so instances cannot interfere with each other;
  • Managed VictoriaMetrics instance can be scaled up or scaled down in a few clicks;
  • Automated backups;
  • Pay only for the actually used resources - compute, storage, traffic.