Quick Start

Managed VictoriaMetrics - is a database-as-a-service platform, where users can run the VictoriaMetrics that they know and love on AWS without the need to perform typical DevOps tasks such as proper configuration, monitoring, logs collection, access protection, software updates, backups, etc.

How to register

Managed VictoriaMetrics id distributed via AWS Marketplace. To start using the service, one should have already registered AWS account and visit VictoriaMetrics product page. See more details here.

Creating instance

Instances is a page where user can list and manage VictoriaMetrics single-node instances. To create an instance click on the button Create:

In the opened form, choose parameters of the new instance such as:

  • Instance type from preset of AWS instances (you always can change the type later);
  • Region and Zone where instance should run;
  • Desired disk size for storing metrics (you always can expand disk size later);
  • Retention period for stored metrics.

Once created, instance will remain for a short period of time in PROVISIONING status while the hardware spins-up, just wait for a couple of minutes and reload the page. You'll also be notified via email once provisioning is finished:


After transition from PROVISIONING to RUNNING state, VictoriaMetrics is fully operational and ready to accept write or read requests. But first, click on instance name to get the access token:

Access tokens are used in token-based authentication to allow an application to access the VictoriaMetrics API. Supported token types are Read-Only, Write-Only and Read-Write. Click on token created by default to see usage examples:

Follow usage example in order to configure access to VictoriaMetrics for your Prometheus, Grafana or any other software.


Remember, you always can add, remove or modify existing instances by changing their type or increasing the disk space. However, such an update requires an instance restart and may result into a couple of minutes of downtime.