FAQ (Frequency Asked Questions)

How do you monitor the operator itself?#

You can read about vmoperator monitoring in this document.

How to change VMStorage PVC storage class#

With Helm chart deployment:

  1. Update the PVCs manually
  2. Run kubectl delete statefulset --cascade=orphan {vmstorage-sts} which will delete the sts but keep the pods
  3. Update helm chart with the new storage class in the volumeClaimTemplate
  4. Run the helm chart to recreate the sts with the updated value

With Operator deployment:

  1. Update the PVCs manually
  2. Run kubectl delete vmcluster --cascade=orphan {cluster-name}
  3. Run kubectl delete statefulset --cascade=orphan {vmstorage-sts}
  4. Update VMCluster spec to use new storage class
  5. Apply cluster configuration

How to override image registry#

You can use VM_CONTAINERREGISTRY parameter for operator:

How to set up automatic backups?#

You can read about backups:

How to migrate from Prometheus-operator to VictoriaMetrics operator?#

You can read about migration from prometheus operator on this page.

How to turn off conversion for prometheus resources#

You can read about it on this page.

My VM objects are not deleted/changed when I delete/change Prometheus objects#

You can read about it in following sections of “Migration from prometheus-operator” docs:

What permissions does an operator need to run in a cluster?#

You can read about needed permissions for operator in this document.

How to know the version of VM components in the operator?#

See printDefaults mode.

In addition, you can use Release notes or CHANGELOG.

  • that’s where we describe default version of VictoriaMetrics components.

How to run VictoriaMetrics operator with permissions for one namespace only?#

See this document for details: Configuration -> Namespaced mode.

How to configure VMAgent and VMServiceScrape for using with Istio Service Mesh and its mTLS?#

See this example in operator repository: https://github.com/VictoriaMetrics/operator/blob/master/config/examples/vmagent-istio.yaml

What versions of Kubernetes is the operator compatible with?#

Operator tested at kubernetes versions from 1.16 to 1.27.