VictoriaMetrics Operator Setup

Installing by helm-charts#

You can use one of the following official helm-charts with vmoperator:

For installing VictoriaMetrics operator with helm-chart follow the instructions from README of the corresponding helm-chart (this or this).

in addition, you can use quickstart guide for installing VictoriaMetrics operator with helm-chart.

Installing by Kustomize#

You can install operator using Kustomize by pointing to the remote kustomization file.

# Get latest release version from
export VM_VERSION=`basename $(curl -fs -o/dev/null -w %{redirect_url}`
export NAMESPACE="whatever-namespace"

cat << EOF > kustomization.yaml
kind: Kustomization

namespace: ${NAMESPACE}

- name: victoriametrics/operator
  newTag: ${VM_VERSION}

You can change operator configuration, or use your custom namespace see kustomize-example.

Build template

kustomize build . -o monitoring.yaml

Apply manifests

kubectl apply -f monitoring.yaml

Check the status of operator

kubectl get pods -n whatever-namespace

#NAME                           READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
#vm-operator-667dfbff55-cbvkf   1/1     Running   0          101s

Installing by OLM#

Installing to K8s#


Installing to Openshift#


Run locally#

It’s possible to build and run OLM package locally on Kind K8s cluster using make deploy-kind-olm. Command builds operator image, bundle and index images, runs Kind with a local registry and deploys OLM package to Kind.

Installing to ARM#

There is no need in an additional configuration for ARM. Operator and VictoriaMetrics have full support for it.


You can read detailed instructions about operator configuring in this document.