VictoriaLogs roadmap

The VictoriaLogs Preview is ready for evaluation in production. It is recommended running it alongside the existing solutions such as Elasticsearch and Grafana Loki and comparing their resource usage and usability. It isn’t recommended migrating from existing solutions to VictoriaLogs Preview yet.

The following functionality is available in VictoriaLogs Preview:

See these docs for details.

The following functionality is planned in the future versions of VictoriaLogs:

  • Support for data ingestion from popular log collectors and formats:
    • OpenTelemetry for logs
    • Fluentd
    • Syslog
    • Journald (systemd)
  • Add missing functionality to LogsQL:
  • Live tailing for LogsQL filters aka tail -f.
  • Web UI with the following abilities:
  • Integration with Grafana (partially done).
  • Ability to make instant snapshots and backups in the way similar to VictoriaMetrics.
  • Cluster version of VictoriaLogs.
  • Ability to store data to object storage (such as S3, GCS, Minio).
  • Alerting on LogsQL queries.